Monday, May 13, 2013


We've had an abnormally warm springtime season for my area, so it's got me SUPER stoked for summer! I'm already shopping for shorts, sandals, and tank tops... that usually doesn't happen around here til June. But hey, any excuse to shop is a good excuse to me! I've never been much of a fan of Vans or of snapback hats, but two finds last week changed my mind. First I spotted (hehe, get it) this leopard print trucker at Pacsun. It was so girly I had to have it. And it has actually served a good purpose - it keeps my poor little pale face safe from getting sunburned! I wore it to the beach last week and I kind of fell in love with it.

Secondly, these pretty mint green Vans were too pretty to pass up. These are my very first Vans! My seconds ones will be the leopard print to match my new hat.

Anyway, speaking of shoes... I got promoted on Saturday to the assistant manager of my store. Although that means a huge time sacrifice, I am so excited for the opportunity to move up while working in a fashion-based job that I love! Not everybody dreams of a career in retail but I love it and I'm excited to see how I grow in the company I work for. As a little added perk, I'll be making more money too... so I'll be doing a lot of shopping in my free time. :P And of course blogging. I really want to get back into DIY projects when I get the chance too... I was given a sewing machine and I wanna see what I can crank out. In my opinion, the best looks are the ones you come up with yourself! And there's a certain pride in being able to say "I made this" instead of "oh, I got it at..." So expect to see some crafty creations coming up in the near future as well!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Nomfest 3 is upon us! For anyone who is not familiar with the Australian fashion label known as Black Milk Clothing, I would highly recommend for you to head on over to their site and take a gander at their goods. Nomfest is when they release awesome new stuff. Sadly, a lot of times these items are limited because they can only obtain a limited amount of the fabric... so they sell out fast!

I grabbed a couple of things tonight as soon as I got home from work - sadly I was too late to get my hands on the black merman leggings I was hoping to snag, as they were already sold out! So if you're interested in checking out the new stuff go now before it's gone! Not telling what I got until it arrives, but I will say this: my next paycheck is going towards the capsules leggings if there are any left!

I can tell you right now that these aren't just any expensive leggings you'll find elsewhere online like on Nasty Gal or Modcloth. Black Milk is quality clothing made in a small warehouse in Australia, fronted by founder James Lillis. They don't have their labor done in China for cheap, and they use high quality nylon blends for their products. I was so impressed with my first pair of Black Milk leggings. I had heard that they were worth every penny for how expensive they are, but once I actually saw them in person and felt them myself, I knew it was true. They far surpassed what I had expected. Anyone with a legging addiction NEEDS at least one pair of Black Milk leggings in their life! I'm in love with them and I will be counting down the days for my order to arrive. And for anyone who wants to invest in some Black Milk of their own, they're offering free standard international shipping in May (and free express shipping if you live in Australia). So go take advantage of it!

You're welcome.