Saturday, March 9, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Month/Birthday Challenge!

Hello lovelies!

Since this month is my birthday... I decided to make a wish list! I'll be twenty years old on March 26... oh man. Old lady status. No longer can I write myself off as a flighty, irresponsible teenager. Just kidding. Kinda.

Anyway! These are the things that I'm lusting after this month. Hoping my friends and family see this and take a hint or two. ;)

1. Hell Bunny cancun dress. Roses, cactuses (cacti?), skulls, guns, pretty pin-up girls... Is a description really necessary? This dress is badass. I need it. That is all.

2. Black Milk unicorn leggings! These come in black or white, I love the black ones though. They're covered in cute little pink unicorns and just absolutely adorable. I'd love to rock these at work. (Side tangent: My friend and I were discussing these mythical creatures the other day, and asking, why are they called unicorns? Why not unihorn? Since uni means "one" in Latin... and they have one horn... der der der. Anyway, so we looked it up and apparently "corn" comes from the Latin root "cornus," which means horn. BAM! Bet you didn't know that. Now you can astonish your friends with your newfound knowledge of the Latin language.) Anyhow, these leggings are definitely something I'd love to open up on my birthday. I'm sure I'd be wearing these all the time.

3. "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children." This is a book by Ransom Riggs. Every time I go to the bookstore I pick this up and read another chapter. I'd love to have it so I can read the whole thing! It's equal parts mystery, thriller, and historical. eerie and sad and interesting... I'm only halfway through it though, so I don't know how it's gonna end. Definitely keeps me in suspense though, and I've never read anything like it.

4. Twilight Esme Barbie doll. I've always loved Barbies since I got my first one at five years old. But one thing I've noticed is that there have never been any Barbie dolls with pale skin tones. When I saw this doll, I honestly didn't know it was from Twilight. I've never even seen the movies. I was just drawn to it because it was so pretty! And I'd like to add a porcelain-skinned doll to my collection.

5. Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk galaxy damsel wedges. These are so cute. I'd wear them with just about anything! Dress them up with a little black dress and tights, or more casual with skinny jeans and a loose-fitting sweater. I like them just a little bit better than the litas because they have higher platforms, and not as many girls wear them. And as much as I love galaxy print, I don't want to overdo it. These shoes provide just a little pop of intergalactic prettiness. :)

Although these are some "things" that I'd like to have, what I really want for my birthday is to have a day off from work and spend some time with my family. I was also inspired by a story I read about someone who spent their birthday not as a "me me me" day, but instead went out to do random acts of kindness for others. So I decided that since I'm turning twenty, I'll challenge myself to do twenty kind things for other people. It's something I've always wanted to spend a day doing, so I think it will be both a fun and memorable birthday - not just because I got what I wanted and partied hard, but because I'm doing something positive and making people happy! I'm excited. Other than that, I don't have much in the way of plans. We'll see what happens!


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