Saturday, October 20, 2012

Golden Beauty Giveaway!

Real quick post (and a freebie for you girls!) 

I just landed a modeling job with The Golden Beauty, an up-and-coming company that specializes in high quality tanning products made in the US and Canada. I know, it sounds ironic if you have seen my porcelain skin. But for pale girls like me, they have GORGEOUS body shimmers, self-tanners, cellulite-combating skin firmers, and more awesome stuff. What I really love about Golden Beauty products is that they have a high content of natural oils and botanicals. The highly penetrating and non-greasy formulas are fortified with natural ingredients like pomegranate extract, red grape seed extract, green tea, hemp seed oil, avocado, antioxidant vitamins A, C, D, and E, and omega-fatty acids... what's not to love?

As a spokesmodel I got a ton of gift cards to give away... but I'll give you guys the code here ;) Go to and for a free $15 gift card enter the word "GOLD" at checkout. They make it easy and uncomplicated, you don't have to make an account or anything to buy something and it always ships in 2-4 days.

I live in Washington State (aka vampire region) so I'm sure this company will be a big hit here in Seattle. But you can say you saw it here first! Let your friends know about the gift certificates - they expire on November 30.

P.S. If by chance you totally fall in love with this stuff, The Golden Beauty gives you a free clutch every five purchases. (And they're really cute!)

Let me know what you think of their stuff!


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