Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Not a Model"

Just a brief note... I took a modeling hiatus for a bit to try to figure out the direction I wanted my work to go. Now that I am back into it again, someone made a comment that I'm not a "real" model. Apparently, real models make hundreds or thousands a day and appear on the cover of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I, however, make up to sixty dollars an hour for a shoot, and sometimes I don't get paid at all. I am most often the one to do my own hair and makeup and provide wardrobe. I've never been a cover model or done commercial work. Does that mean I'm not really modeling?

I'm not trying to defend myself by making what I do sound better than it seems. Modeling is not always glamorous, professionally or as a hobby. But the payoff - the outcome of my work - is worth it to me. I love having ideas and being able to capture that in a photo, or convey emotions and thoughts. I love making fantasy seem real. Dressing up and making costumes and doing crazy makeup is awesome to me! And when the shoot's done, I have something cool that I'm proud of in my portfolio. To me that's what modeling is about. I do it for the fun, creative side it brings out of me. Not to be a clothes horse for commercial photographers dictating what I'm supposed to do. I once ventured down that road, and realized it didn't make me feel happy or proud of what I was doing.

I love the wonderful freelance photographers and models I have met through my work, who are on exactly the same wavelength as I am regarding what modeling should be about. I'm sure I'd enjoy strutting down a catwalk in designer duds, making thousands a month, but honestly I don't think it could give me the same type of satisfaction as my unpaid artistic collaborations have given me. So if you're a model working for free, forget about agencies! Take advantage of the creative opportunities you have by working for yourself, and dream on! You are your own boss.

On a more positive note, I have a few more shoots in the works along with the ones I mentioned in September... involving dolls, mermaids, and dia de los muertos (not all at the same time :P).

If you'd like to see a small portfolio of my work, unpaid and otherwise, please visit my Model Mayhem profile:  And if you're an aspiring model (or photographer, fashion designer, makeup artist, or anything else in the fashion industry) you can apply for a Model Mayhem account. It's a great way to connect with like-minded people.

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