Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thrifty fashion shoot!

I had another photo shoot the other day with Jim Nicholson of the Pose Factory. I think we make a pretty awesome team! The cool thing about these outfits is that they were all thrifted, or purchased at super-discounted prices... Always a plus in my book. I posted the one below on Lookbook so please hype it if you have an account. :) This Gap sweater was found at a thrift store for $5! It is so big and comfy and I wear it all the time. I have a thing for ugly sweaters... The liquid leggings I got at Ross on clearance for six dollars. The shoes are clearance Forever 21 (just eight bucks!). The necklaces in both photos were borrowed from the photographer.

The colourful outfit was really fun to shoot. My friend Bre and I found matching sweaters at Goodwill with this crazy neon Aztec print. It's pretty awesome. And what are the odds of finding two of the same thing at a thrift store? The gold foil skirt is fun, I wore it a lot during the holidays. The skirt and shoes were cheap finds at Forever 21. The pink glasses were a dollar on clearance at Hot Topic and really cute, although impractical. But I figured I could use them for a shoot at some point... so I'm glad I got them!


  1. The first picture is stunning!

  2. It looks so awesome! Haha. We should do a thrift fashion shoot sometime too :] I love the sweaters hahaha

    1. Yes we should! We never got to do our "fall fashion" shoot... maybe we can do a springtime editorial with thrifted fashion :)

  3. Nice photos :)