Monday, February 25, 2013

Random thoughts/Halcyon

I was bored at work today and drawing tattoo ideas and sketches. I started writing different words and ended up with a poem/song/emotional piece of crap, devoid of all talent. Just a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head, and when I wrote it all on paper, that's how it came out.

On another note, I bought Ellie Goulding's album Halcyon last night. It's such a departure from her musical style on the album Lights. But in a good way. It's not as electronic or pop-sounding than her last studio effort, and the lyrics are a lot deeper - at times melancholy. Her vocal range is much stronger and she sings with more power. It's a different vibe, but a good one. My favorite tracks are My Blood and Figure 8.

Here's the track list for the deluxe album edition. The regular album cuts off tracks 14-17.

1. Don't Say A Word
2. My Blood
3. Anything Could Happen
4. Only You
5. Halcyon
6. Figure 8
7. JOY
8. Hanging On
9. Explosions
10. I Know You Care
11. Atlantis
12. Dead In The Water
13. I Need Your Love
14. Ritual
15. In My City
16. Without Your Love
17. Hanging On (Explicit)
18. Lights

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