Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little Update!

Oh my goodness. We just got through all the back to school insanity at work, and now it's weird to be able to go to work and sit back and breathe for a second. Although I know it won't last long... our mall had the annual holiday meeting this morning to gear up for the Christmas season. SO. FUN. I know it's going to be crazy; I've never been a manager during the holidays before so it's nerve-wracking to think about. But it is a few months off so I won't stress about it until I need to.

My summer has been pretty crazy with lots of work to keep me busy. I've been learning so much and growing with the company, climbing one ladder rung at a time. Now I'm in line to take my own store and be a manager! It's very exciting. I've been working retail for my entire work history and never felt very driven about it, but I am happy with the company I'm with and where I'm at, and how there's been so much opportunity for growth and essentially making my own paycheck. Plus I get to wear all my crazy outfits to work, and I can't say that for any other companies I've been with... e.g. Sears, where I could only wear black and white dress attire, or See's, which is a job I loved but I had to wear a uniform that closely resembled a flour sack. So all in all, work is going well. It consumes most of my life but I know it's worth the sacrifice in order to get where I want to be.

Plus all those hours of work feed my shopping addiction. I've been so obsessed with Black Milk Clothing ever since I got the unicorn leggings for my birthday. They are pretty pricey - on average $70 a pair - but so, so worth it. You will never wear other leggings after you've worn these! My co-worker likes Bench leggings which retail about $50, but I'm trying to convert her. ;)

Burned Velvet Leggings paired with my 1460 Dr. Martens
My collection so far:
Unicorn Black Leggings
Mermaid Leggings
Cheshire Cat Leggings
Matte Black Catsuit
Burned Velvet Leggings
Dollar Leggings
Mountain Pink Leggings
Aurora Skye Orange Leggings
Nairobi Leggings
Matte Black Skirt
Foxy Leggings
Smilies Hosiery

And the obsession continues... I've never tried their dresses, but rumour has it that a cat dress is in the works right now. If so, I'm already in line!

I actually adopted a cat in July. Her name is Minnie. She's a little shorthaired black cat that got picked up by the Kitsap Humane Society, and as soon as I met her she reminded me so much of my old cat that I knew she'd be a perfect pet. I haven't had a pet since my kitty Punk went missing over a year ago. Sounds silly, but there's been a big hole in my heart since then. She was just a very interactive and friendly cat, and I'd never made much of a connection with an animal like that before. She was an outdoor cat though, and one day she went outside and never came back. I traipsed into the woods looking everywhere for her and went to the humane society every day, but she was never found. My heart was broken over her for a long time. I was reluctant about adopting another pet because I felt like it wouldn't be the same... I visit the humane society frequently, and as much as I love cats in general I never found one that I clicked with until I met Minnie. She had kitty bronchitis, worms, fleas and was very skinny but I loved her and knew I could give her a home, and she could help my heart heal a little bit. And she did. After lots of medicine, food, flea treatment and love, she is perfectly happy and healthy and starting to gain a bit of weight. And she is an indoor cat!

I haven't been shooting all that much lately, partly for a lack of interest and mostly for a lack of time. I did three shoots in July and haven't gotten sets back from any of the photographers, which kind of sucks because I took the time to do makeup, purchase wardrobe, and travel there and didn't get any photos out of it. Hopefully I see some of them soon. Two of them were paid shoots but one was TF and I bought a dress for it and had to go to Seattle so that was a lot of gas and ferry money as well. It's a hard-knock life being a wannabe model! Haha. I did have a shoot yesterday though. I am modeling the Black Milk Clothing matte black catsuit and heels by Shi. I'm not going to pretend to be one of those girls who acts like they know all about cars; all I can say is it's a Ford and it looks to be 1930s - 1940s? But I could be very wrong about that! I actually enjoyed the set... It was a giant garage full of authentic vintage mementos all the way back to 1930s. All sorts of cool stuff in there. Here are a few photos. All copyrights belong to Mike Bay.

And here is a better photo of the purple lipstick I was wearing! It's shade number 15 by Make Up For Ever - one of my favorites. I never thought purple could be a wearable lip colour for daytime, but this is truly the perfect pearly violet shade. Get it here! I am also wearing a hint of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner in Forest Green along my lower lash line. I like it because it makes my eyes greener and it stays on all day.

I hope you guys liked this blog post! Leave me comments if you have any feedback for me!

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