Thursday, September 26, 2013

Too Much Good (Expensive) Stuff!

Lately I am seeing SO MANY wonderful things that I absolutely have to have. My next paycheck can't come soon enough! I'll share with you guys all the things I'm loving this month.

UNIF Harness Dress
This dress has been out of stock forever and it's finally been restocked... in my size! Hopefully I get the chance to grab one before they're out again. Isn't it pretty? I'd love to pair this with some dangerously spiked platform heels...

Like these!
The Kempton Spike Heel by Privileged Shoes
Fly Jane is one of my absolute favorite (albeit on the splurgy side) online retailers. I never visit the site without seeing heels that I love. So, I have been looking at the Kempton boot for the past few months and have been in conflict with myself over whether to buy them. Do I need them? No. Are they limited edition? Yes. Can I afford them? No. Will I eat Top Ramen in lieu of real food for two weeks just so I can buy them anyway? Absolutely. Fly Jane announced that they were almost out of stock, and me and a thousand other girls had a panic attack and ordered them all. In the next 24 hours they were all gone! So these babies are in the mail for me right now! I'm really really happy that I ordered them, but I'm hoping that they fit. I had to go down half a size because my size was already sold out by the time I got home from work that night and tried ordering them! We shall see... fingers crossed!

Lip Service Shrug Jacket
I feel like this is the ultimate piece for when it's a little chilly, but you still want to showcase your killer dress. I get cold so easily and I hate having to put big bulky jackets on over my cute little dresses. So this jacket was basically made for me! It would look awesome with a Black Milk dress and some Jeffrey Campbell spiked damsels. Or just about anything!

Black Milk Clothing Halloween Collection
Every sharkie alive is counting down the days til the Halloween release "All Killer No Filler" on October 1st! So many different pieces - there's something for everyone. They've never had such a big release before. I'm so impressed with all the unique designer pieces in this release as well as the prints. I've got my eye on the Wednesday dress, Mechanical Mermaid leggings, Haunted House 2.0 leggings (so much better than last year's version!), and the Muscle and Bone 2.0 catsuit! It's not on the website yet, but I think their Pinterest board has just about everything from the collection on it now. Take a look!

Click to see the photos in all their full sized glory.

Let me know what you think of my top picks this month. And I'll be sure to post some pics as soon as I get my lovely Privileged shoes in the mail!


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